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HTF Assistants on Standby!

Delegate tasks, focus on priorities.

Each task completed on our platform empowers an underserved individual.

Save time, boost impact, uplift lives!

How it Works

Maximize efficiency with the HTF platform in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Energy

Purchase energy and gain entry to our pool of expert assistants

Step 2: Delegate Work

Trade your energy to enlist assistance tailored to your needs

Step 3: Achieve Excellence

Receive the completed task, saving you time and resources

Current Services


Elevate your web3 project’s presence. From socials to user engagement, we’ve got you covered.


Outsource admin, data entry, and more. Optimize both business and personal time.


Dive deep with large-scale data scraping and web3 research.

Tailored For You

Need something unique? Reach out for custom services.

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Improving Lives Through Human Task Force


We scout intelligent individuals from underserved communities.


Task completion on our platform generates revenue for Assistants.


We furnish the training and platform for self-driven upskilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

About humanDAO: Improving Lives Through Crypto

humanDAO, founded in 2021, is a community-funded, social impact DAO. Our mission to create innovative solutions and forge meaningful partnerships has led us to collaborate with industry-leading NFT projects like Moonbirds, web3 projects such as BanklessDAO, and immersive web3 games like Thetan Arena. We are driven by a passion for empowering underserved communities, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and making a lasting impact on the world